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Our services

Lari Yachting situated in Cavtat, Croatia offers you service, along the Adriatic Coast (Croatia and Montenegro, Islands of Croatia), which we hope can substantially contribute to the successful outcome of your voyage and/or the satisfaction of your charters. We are well connected with all port authorities around the Croatian coastline as well as Montenegro coastline and Montenegrin ports.


All Services

  • Berthing arrangements

  • Paperwork / Formalities

  • Cruising, Custom & Immigration procedures

  • Itinerary Planning

  • Air arrangements for guests and crew

  • Day workers

  • Bunkering (duty- free where eligible)

  • Technical Services, Refit & Repairs

  • Communications and office services

  • Provisions, Wines & Spirits, Fresh Fish Supplies

  • Travel Arrangements - Exclusive Excursions

  • Car Hire / Minibus / Limousine services

  • Flower arrangements

  • Divers

  • Massage onboard

  • Security Guards

  • Laundry & Drycleaning

  • Private air charter, Jet,and Helicopter Rental

  • Medical Assistance

  • Weather reports

  • Worldwide Courier Service

  • Bank Transactions

  • VIP Concierge Services

  • On-board Entertainment

Yacht management

 We provide a global yacht management   service. Whether you require assistance

 regarding yacht registry, crew placement,  crew management, or even crew medical  insurance, we are able to assist you.

  • Owner representatives

  • Financial monitoring

  • Classification & Flag state

  • Insurance and Statutory Compliance to Class and Flag

  • Operation budget control

  • Crew Recruitment, Employment, and Administration

  • Legal and Insurance Services

  • Accommodation for captains and crew

  • Arranging dry dockings, repairs, routine maintenance, alterations, refits, and other yard works

  • Arranging surveys, pre-surveys, and audits

  • Assistance in arranging berths, berth management, and liaising with port authorities

  • Shipping and transport

  • Shoreside logistics

  • Provision of worldwide cruising itineraries

Work Desk

Tax and Fiscal Representation

We will help you do that. If you are looking for a quality Tax and Fiscal representative please do not hesitate to contact us.



Lari Yachting provide following services:

Fiscal Represantation

VAT Refund

Tax Represantative

VAT Calculation

VAT Submission

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